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Icon Creation & Tank Builder
by Eldon

The Indie Graphic Bundle has received another free update of 3,000 asset files.  For the holidays we are also offering 40% off the bundle. Create icons with the icon creation kit and...

The Indie Graphics Bundle - Steam Release

Build tanks with the Tank Builder pack:

Coming to Steam
by Eldon

The Space Galaxy Graphics pack adds thousands of new assets to those available on the graphicsforgames site at a huge discount. It's on Steam for easy download.

The Character Creator pack is a new take on designing characters using pieces of clothing, hair, armor, and other accessories. I consider it's release the starter version and it will be updated with more content and fixes.

Click the picture to go the respective pages and see screens and video.

UPDATE: The IGB will have a huge discount as well and includes these two packs.

On Steam
by Eldon

The Indie Graphics Builder is released on Steam. It is not a game or a software, but a collection of thousands of modular sprites.

1) It will be featured in the Software category so that you may keep track of it with your other software and game engines that you will use with it.

2) We consider the IGB in early access because the content will more than double. If our Steam support is strong, you may even see more assets release.

3) There is a small application that you can run to see the exact number of files and included packs. This may be changed or improved on later. We also want to bring to you videos and other documents to give ideas of what you can make.

4) Eventually when we get enough content in the IGB (perhaps double what it is), we want to open up Steam workshop so that everyone may share their creations with other licensed users. This should be alot of fun and I can't wait for it.

*Click the logo above for product page or here:
Indie Graphics Builder - Steam Release

Space Legend X
by Eldon

For those of you interested to know what games look like using graphics from http://www.graphicsforgames.com, check out this game.

If you have a dollar to spare, you will get a fun experience out of this game.  It turned out to be surprisingly fun and unique game. You can check out our webpage clicking the logo above, or go to the store below

Highscore Vol. 3
by Eldon

The highscore series of music packs from Mirco are really something. Use them freely in your games, royalty free! My favorite remains Highscore Vol. 1 which comes with 50 tracks. This set offers a little horror to your games and also includes 50 sound effects.

Previews avaliable for all packs on the product pages.

Forced - A Story
by Eldon

I'm not forcing you to read this, but it is an incredible journey of indie game developers. We hear of the struggles quite often, but don't get to see it happen with as much detail. We will be reviewing the game this week.

Give the team at Forced a few minutes, and they will give you a few years.

Evoland: Corrupted
by Eldon

I play through a game to mess it up as badily as possible.

by Eldon

Players step in a world where the graphics and gameplay change as you progress through the story. Evoland invites us to explore the creative idea of how games have evolved.

Official Site: http://evoland.shirogames.com/

Roencia Game Creators specializes in Indie and Casual game reviews. If you would like your game reviewed, please subscribe to: Roencia's YouTude Channel & send a copy of your game to contact @ roencia.com

Starcraft 2 - Space Zombies (Challenge)
by Eldon

This is challenge mode completed in Space Zombies mod. If any of you have beaten this on your own, contact me cause I want to know. Only attempt to beat this level if you consider your self part crazy and have lots of time to spare.

Official Site: http://www.spacezombiesurvival.com/

Starcraft 2 - Space Zombies (Hard)
by Eldon

So I'm playing starcraft on a very hard mod, and I happen to beat a few difficulty modes that are really "difficult". I was asked to post the strategy I used. What mods do you play in Starcraft? Post a comment with the video.

Official Site: http://www.spacezombiesurvival.com/

Sang Froid
by Dell

My friend was really excited about this game when it came out. Survival is his favorite genre. A lot of games don't get it quite right though. Let's see if Sang Froid hits the spot.

Official Site: http://www.sangfroidgame.com/

Roencia Game Creators specializes in Indie and Casual game reviews. If you would like your game reviewed, please subscribe to: Roencia's YouTude Channel & send a copy of your game to contact @ roencia.com

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